The DELIVERY is made from Pinocchio Italian Restaurant & Winebar in Ranelagh - Luas Kiosk Ranelagh, Dublin 6

We deliver to the following areas of Dublin: D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D6w, D7, D8, D9, D12, D13, D14, D16, D20, D22 and D24.

The delivery cost are:

€5 for : D2, D4, D6, D6w and D14

€10 for : D1, D7, D8, D12 and D16

€15 for: D3, D5, D9, D13, D20, D22 and D24

Please, before to place the order, contact us if you live outside these areas, we will let you know if we can arrange a delivery to you. 

If you try to order a delivery to a location outside the delivery areas only the pick-up in store (collection service) will be available.


Our DELIVERY service is available according to the following times:

Monday to Thursday 4pm - 10pm

Friday and Saturday 1pm - 10:30pm

Sunday 1pm - 10:00pm

For catering service or orders over €200 you can contact us to arrange a different time of delivery.


The COLLECTION is available in our 2 restaurants:

1 -  PINOCCHIO RANELAGH: Luas Kiosk, Ranelagh Road - Dublin 6

Opening hours:

Monday and Thursday from 4pm to 22pm

Friday  from 4pm to 22:30pm


Saturday from 1pm to 22:30pm


Sunday from 1pm to 22pm

Tuesday and Wednesday closed


2 -  PINOCCHIO TEMPLE BAR: 1 Pudding Row, Essex Street West, Temple Bar - Dublin 2

Opening hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4pm to 22pm

Friday from 4pm to 22:30pm

Saturday from 1pm to 22:30pm


Sunday from 1pm to 22pm


Monday closed


For more information read our Terms and Conditions.